Soffit and Facia


Soffit and fascia generally are overlooked on most homes. However, they are typically one of the most important components on a home. Soffits allow air to flow into the attic and keep your roof ventilated which helps prevent moisture, mold, and other harmful unwanted buildups within your attic and roof. Such harmful components can drastically cut the lifespan of your roofing and insulation in half, causing you to spend more money out of your pocket. Professional installation is highly recommended. Proper installation of soffit & fascia help complete the appearance of your home. We recommend aluminum soffit & fascia because of its durability and ability to bend it to any configuration. Aluminum soffit & fascia is a long lasting maintenance free product that has a clean distinctive look, a variety of colors to match any home d├ęcor. Soffit & fascia saves you money on maintenance and enhances energy efficiency.

Seamless industries custom cuts & fabricates material onsite to insure proper fit