Glass Block Windows

Glass Block windows provide beauty and durability providing natural light into your home while maintaining privacy and providing an easy to clean surface. Glass Block windows are availlable in square or rectangular shape. They come in Wave, Diamond or Ice Glass with vent or without. Vents include open air or dryer vent.

We use mortar built Glass Block windows NOT silicone.

Mortar Glass Block windows have been extensively tested by the manufacturer and approved for hurricane force windows, water and air penetration. Mortar built windows will not mold inside, they are completely filled from front to back with mortar. Mortar has been used in glass block applications for over 50 years.

Our professional and courteous installation team will measure the existing window openings and custom make the glass block window to fit your home and budget perfectly. Jobs usually only take 1-day.

Benefits of Glass Block: Durable, Energy Efficient, Maintenance Free, Security, Privacy, Natural Light, Water Proof, Fire Resistant, Easy Cleaning.