Attic Insulation, Venting and Mold


Properly insulating, air sealing, venting will help reduce your energy bills. Attics are one of the easiest places in a home to insulate. If there is an inadequate amount of insulation in the attic the warm air will rise into the attic and cause condensation issues. On the other side is too much, or poorly installed insulation. With this problem many times the insulation blocks venting and prevents air from circulating which keeps the attic dry.


Ventilation problems are the most common cause of attic mold. For proper attic ventilation the air needs to be able to move in an upward direction. Problems occur when insulation is blocking vents for proper air ventilation, or if the incorrect vents were installed. The problem gets worse in the winter months because when hot and cold meet in an attic with ventilation problems, condensation will begin to form on the trusses and other materials.


If you have mold, or you are just looking to prevent it from developing there are several common problem areas that you need to look into. These issues include venting of bathroom & dryer fans and insufficient or poorly installed insulation. Making the proper repairs in these areas will prevent mold from returning or forming in the first place.
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