Bobcat Demolition, Grading and Trenching

At Seamless Industries we added a bobcat to our equipment team because of the high demand of services our customers requested. It took away the hassle of renting and waiting for attachments when we were starting a new project. The purchase of the machinery made us more versatile and efficient to offer more services to our clients.

Services we offer:


Finish grade for grass, sod removal & replacement. Dirt or gravel build-up or take out, elevation leveling, replacing back fill, land clearing and clean up.


Deck or porch footings, fence holes.


For downspouts, drain tile, electrical, gas lines.

General bucket & forkwork

Grading, moving rocks, landscaping, and job site cleanup.


Tear down garages, sheds, anything under 15ft. Concrete or asphalt, break out & removal.

Snow services

Plowing, blowing, relocating big piles of snow for future storms.

If you’re in need of any of these services contact Seamless Industries for a project quote.