There are several reasons for chimneys to crack and deteriorate. The difference in temperature change and adverse weather conditions such as water, snow, ice can penetrate into cracks and cause deterioration.

Services Seamless offers:


Tuckpointing is a process of cutting out deteriorate mortar joints & filling those joints with fresh mortar.

Chimney Repair:

Chimney repair is more labor intensive process than tuckpointing. It is replacing bricks that became damaged by freezing and thaw process. Bricks were absorbed by water.

Chimney Re-build:

Chimney rebuilding is for more serious defects. Overtime the weather can make a chimney unrepairable. A total rebuild from roof up is required.

Chimney Flashing:

Flashing is the part that meets the roof to the chimney and is where most of the leaking occurs. We custom bend & fabricate new flashings to match any d├ęcor.

Chimney Cap:

We can install a premade cap or custom make a cap to any size.

Chimney Flue:

We can replace cracked and broken flues from the roof up. This usually occurs with a complete rebuild.

Chimney Flue Cover:

Keep pesty animals out of your chimney with a flue cover. Many styles and shapes available to fit your chimney perfectly.

If your chimney has any of these issues contact your Seamless contractor to schedule an in home estimate for repairs.